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Coupled-Cavity Oscillator (CCO)


Installed on a Marx Pulser Tank, the CCO 1500 is a frequency-agile microwave tube capable of producing output power pulses of several tens of MW when driven by a suitable pulse power system.


We are currently manufacturing microwave tubes with the following specifications.


CCO 850

  • Tuning Range: 725 - 935 MHz
  • Output Waveguide: WR 1150


CCO 1000

  • Tuning Range: 875 - 1100 MHz
  • Output Waveguide: WR 975


CCO 1200

  • Tuning Range: 1050 - 1300 MHz
  • Output Waveguide: WR 770


CCO 1500

  • Tuning Range: 1275 - 1650 MHz
  • Output Waveguide: WR 650


CCO 1800

  • Tuning Range: 1550 - 1980 MHz
  • Output Waveguide: WR 510


CCO 2200

  • Tuning Range: 1900 - 2400 MHz
  • Output Waveguide: WR 430


CCO 2400

  • Tuning Range: 2040 – 2640 MHz
  • Output Waveguide: WR 430


CCO 3000

  • Tuning Range: 2550 – 3300 MHz
  • Output Waveguide: WR 340


Controller-HVPS Interface Board


The Controller-HVPS interface board features custom analog and digital isolation control circuitry to interface between controls and high voltage power supplies/lab equipment.


The design goal of this board is to enable control of a HVPS setup and provide isolation. The onboard power supply provides enough power to interface with the HVPS and other devices expected to be used for the Thor Marx testing. However, it is possible to use external supplies in conjunction with this board to make it a more powerful driver board for various purposes.


Product Data Sheets


Download product data sheets of our hardware:


  Controller-HVPS Interface Board


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