Sem-Sol is focused on the research and development of Directed Energy defensive and offensive products and technologies for the United States Government.  Its clients include the Air Force, Navy, Army, Department of Energy National Laboratories and the aerospace industry. Sem-Sol was founded in 2014 as a minority owned-small business and has offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico near Kirtland Air Force Base.


Our vision is to be the premier provider of High Power Microwave, Charged Particle Beam, and Pulsed Power solutions.

Pulsed Power


Our engineers, scientists and technicians work to advance research and enhance performance using the concentration of electrical energy of time and space, using short pulses to produce extreme power.

High Powered Microwave


Our work in the High Powered Microwave arena spans decades. HPM provides minimal collateral damage and complements traditional kinetic weapons.

Charged Particle Beams


With over 40 years of qualitative beams behavior research our experts offer world class, insights, ideas and solutions.


We offer small business flexibility to larger projects.


Sem-Sol is comprised of industry leaders specializing in Directed Energy technologies.  Our mission is to supply Directed Energy components, systems and subsystems to U.S. Government agencies and industry.

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